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Desktop Goose: the naughtiest prank on your desktop

Immerse yourself in the world of Desktop Goose, where a friendly goose takes control of your computer. Get ready to smile, laugh, and sometimes be amazed by its antics! Discover a comical design, entertaining interactions, and authentic surprises that await you in every corner of your screen. Don't miss out on this incredible experience of humor and virtual chaos! Download Desktop Goose today and let yourself be amazed by this playful bird.

A funny goose hidden on your screen

Desktop Goose is not a game in the traditional sense. Instead of offering goals or missions, the software releases a virtual goose on your desktop that interacts and causes mischief. It can drag memes and funny notes, chase your cursor, and more. The gameplay is simple but highly entertaining, as the main objective is to surprise and amuse the player.

The visual design is simple but effective, recreating a 2D animated goose that seems to have come straight out of a cartoon book. Although it is not graphically intense, its presentation is charming and integrates well with the desktop environment.

The sound is minimalist, with occasional quacks and the sound of the goose's feet running across the desktop. These sound effects add a realistic and comedic touch to the software, perfectly complementing the visual chaos.

Although Desktop Goose does not have a narrative per se, each interaction of the goose tells its own little story, whether it's leaving playful messages or interrupting your work in unpredictable ways.

Desktop Goose is a one-time paid software with no additional in-app purchases or subscriptions. Once purchased, the goose is yours forever.

It does not offer online or multiplayer features, as its purpose is to be a solitary and humorous experience on your desktop. The game is available for Windows and is easy to install. It does not have specific accessibility features, but its simplicity makes it accessible to most users.


Desktop Goose is a unique proposal, far from the typical gaming experience. It presents itself as a desktop prank designed to add humor and surprises to your daily life. Although it may not be for those seeking clear objectives or deep narrative in a game, it offers plenty of laughs and fun.


  • Humorous interactions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Constant surprises.


  • It can become repetitive over time.
  • Not suitable for those looking for a conventional game.

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Desktop Goose for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 0.31
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

User reviews about Desktop Goose

  • PRo

    by PRo

    I can,t downlading it

  • Angel Ford

    by Angel Ford

    do not downlod it cus it send you to patryon and its annoying

  • Shadow Trait

    by Shadow Trait

    It's meh. I don't think you should download it cuz the damn thing is annoying and can basically screw you up when doing something on it (e.g. maki More

  • Jon

    by Jon

    Don't download, this is not safe! Please make sure you use vpn's online because this is a great example of how easy it is to get screwed over online!

  • IcexChild

    by IcexChild



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